Walker makes his case for President

Walker makes his case for President 

Posted: 6:55 pm Monday, July 13th, 2015

By Jamie Dupree

In an arena jammed with his supporters outside of Milwaukee, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin formally joined the race for the Republican nomination on Monday, emphasizing his record in the Badger State, as his supporters made the case it would work to his advantage in the GOP race.

“My record shows that I know how to fight and win,” Walker told his supporters at the Waukesha County Expo Center.

“Now, more than ever, we need a President who will fight and win for America,” Walker said to cheers.

In remarks that mirrored his stump speech, Walker focused on government reform, again showcasing what he has done in his home state.

“Our big, bold reforms in Wisconsin took the power from the big government special interests and put it firmly into the hands of the hard-working taxpayers,” Walker said, once more tweaking the unions he fought and defeated while Governor.

In his speech, Walker made sure to mention both Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, tying them together in his speech on foreign policy.

“Today sadly, under the Obama/Clinton doctrine, America is leading from behind and we’re headed toward a disaster,” Walker said.

“America is a great country. We just need to lead again,” Walker said, using a familiar refrain of Republicans in the 2016 race.

Many of his supporters wore the red and white colors of their beloved Wisconsin Badgers, as they made the case that Walker was exactly what the nation needs in a President.

“He’s been very good for Wisconsin,” said Lee Schlenvogt, the chairman of Ozaukee County.

“He’s reduced our taxes; there’s been no increase in our real estate taxes,” Schlenvogt said.

“He’s done an outstanding job representing the taxpayers of our state,” said State representative Rob Brooks, who like Schlenvogt was proudly sporting a University of Wisconsin golf shirt.

“We’re full of pride here in Wisconsin,” Brooks said with a big smile, as he made the case that Walker can take his record nationwide.

“We couldn’t be prouder of what he’s done for our state and what we hope he does for the nation,” Brooks told me.

“America needs what we have here in Wisconsin,” said State Senator Leah Vukmir to the crowd.

Walker finds himself in a very strong position, up in the polls in Iowa, well placed in national polls, and with a strong team already on board.

“Americans deserve a President who will fight and win for them,” Walker told the crowd.

Now, Walker gets the chance to show if he can be the standard bearer for Republicans next year.

“I will win and fight for you,” Walker vowed as he ended his speech, and started a new political chapter in his own career.