Trump heads to Pacific Northwest

Trump heads to Pacific Northwest 

Posted: 12:13 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

Donald Trump is making an election stop on Tuesday evening that some might consider a bit of a long shot, as he will raise money and hold a rally in Washington, a state that has not gone for Republicans in the race for President since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

While some pundits labeled the trip a ‘waste of time,’ Trump wasn’t hearing any of that, as 13,000 tickets were handed out for this evening’s gathering.

For those not familiar with the political geography of the Evergree State, it is a tale of two areas – most of the eastern half of Washington State is very Republican, while the area around Seattle and the northwest is heavily liberal.

Trump will be holding his rally in Everett, located in Snohomish County, just to the north of Seattle – President Obama won handily in that county by 16 percent over Mitt Romney, and almost 20 percent over John McCain.

The latest statewide poll had Clinton leading Trump in Washington by 19 points.

Local Democrats – including the Mayor of Everett – plan to hold a protest of Trump’s visit.

Trump’s appearance comes a day before a speech in Phoenix, Arizona, where Trump is expected to lay out more details about his immigration plans.

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